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NYC Animal Shelters are Getting an Upgrade

NYC Animal Shelters are Getting an Upgrade
Animal Care and Control is getting some extra money

New York City's Health Department announced efforts to help animals in need of shelter. They are giving Animal Care and Control $8 million in additional funds to improve its facilities and expand its capabilities. 

AC&C of New York is a non-profit organization that has a contract with the city that requires it to care for any animal that comes through its doors. Every year, it cares for over 30,000 animals. Risa Weinstock is the Executive Director of AC&C and she said they try hard to find homes for as many animals as they can. 

"AC&C is committed to continual improvement and this additional funding will have a significant impact on our progress," Weinstock said.

Weinstock said the money will be used to build a new adoption center at the Manhattan Care Center, modernize the Brooklyn Care Center and double the number of mobile adoption vans. These vans will help people adopt even if they aren't near an AC&C shelter, like in the Bronx or in Queens. She said they also plan to expand AC&C's fundraising capacities. Weinstock said she hopes these improvements will get more people to adopt.

"You've done a good thing. You've taken a homeless pet and you have given them a place to call home," Weinstock said.

Animal rights groups in the city are also glad to hear about the planned improvements. Allie Feldman is with one such group, NYClass. She said the additional money will go a long way in helping animals in one of the countries biggest cities.

"A first-rate city like New York deserves a first-rate animal shelter system. And these badly needed funds will help AC&C get to where they need to be," Feldman said.