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Long Island Cleans Up Post-Juno

Long Island Cleans Up Post-Juno
Clean-up after Juno may have been a breeze for relatively unscathed New York City, but parts of Long Island are still dealing with the impact of a very real storm.
Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri says streets are finally starting to see black top again after getting hit with about two feet of snow.  
"Our biggest issue right now is just removing snow and finding a place to put it," he said. "If you know anybody who needs snow, we can send them some! We've got enough to get rid of."
Pontieri says its thanks to the 9 p.m. travel ban Patchogue enforced Monday as well as Governor Cuomo's 11 p.m. statewide ban that plows were able to start work on the streets immediately.  
"I know there's criticism that they may have over-reacted in the city, but over-reacting's a lot better than under-reacting and doing nothing," he said.  "We see the consequences of that all too often."
Mayor Pontieri says the storm could've hit any town the way it hit Patchogue.