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Spring Cleaning Goes Green

Spring Cleaning Goes Green
Before you reach for that glass cleaner this spring give vinegar a shot.
Vinegar, baking soda, salt... are these the ingredients for a new salad dressing? Nope!
According to green cleaning expert Leslie Reichert, these common household items are the key to a cheaper and healthier way to clean house. She says baking soda, salt, white vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide have the natural properties of a lifter, a scrub, and a disinfectant, respectively.  
"It's a pure more natural way to clean, and it really does clean your house the way you need it to be," Reichert says.
But what other benefits are there for making the switch from so-called traditional cleaners to natural products? 
"They're kids that are growing up now and they have a lot of asthma, allergies, different skin irritations; and all of those things are coming from chemicals that are inside your home," Reichert says.
Plus, Reichert says a gallon of white vinegar can be up to $25 cheaper than a gallon of chemical disinfectant.