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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Rockin' the Boat


Dennis & Diane

Could we have had more fun on the FUV Boat? I don’t think so! Friday was a great night to be on the water - perfect weather, awesome music, and the WFUV community in all its splendor! The consensus seemed to be that even more people were dancing than last year (too modest to suggest that the first DJ to spin, that Sunday morning dude, had anything to do with that), but no question there was something for everyone.

Went looking for Claudia when “In These Shoes” started, since I always think of her with that song, but couldn’t find her. Then Russ let loose with “Goody Two Shoes” (do I have a shoe fetish?) and I did my best to keep up with Mrs. P. on the dance floor. Fave moment, though, was seeing how much fun our winning guest DJ, Diane Beck, had while her set played.

Bang a gong and get it on, Diane!