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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

White Stripes in NYC today!


They are here @ Irving Plaza - Tonight!

I didn’t get tickets but it woulda been a lot cooler if I did. I just went on craigs list and it looks like the tickets are going for waaaaay more than face. So glad that they lifted the ban on scalpers being able to sell tickets over face. Those poor ticket scalpers just werent making enough money were they? Ughhhhh! So frustrating.

Oh and I just saw that some dude is offering stock tips as an additional incentive to money for tickets. The White Stripes are inciting Insider Trading now. How bizarre. This is such a weird place sometimes.

But anyway on a more positive note...

I love that they are celebrating the release of their Fantastic new album, Icky Thump, here in NYC. That is DYNOMITE! Just wish I could go.

If you got tickets, let us know if it was an ordeal getting them, because I gotta believe that it was. I’m curious about your story. AND how was the show? Did they play any new songs? What did you think of Meg’s drumming? And will you take me with you to MSG?