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#SummerofFUV Music Guide



Hi -- Webchick Laura taking over the blog, since I’m the Big Longtime R.E.M. Fanatic of record on this FUV jaunt to Austin. There’s good music everywhere here, and I don’t mean at all to hop past all the Less World Famous bands, but when you know that your night is going to end by seeing an all-time favorite artist on a small outdoor stage, it tends to blur everything between breakfast and showtime.

I’ve seen some great shows at Stubb’s BBQ over these years, but this was a heck of a time. New songs -- all short and powerful -- were as well-cheered as the classics, which they smartly sprinkled in every 2 or 3 tunes to make sure everyone stayed on their toes. Plenty of political talk in between, which is OK if you agree with them and “inappropriate” if you don’t, plus a great shout-out to WFUV friend Jim Fouratt for getting the band their first New York City gig years ago. How cool is that?

I didn’t write down the whole set list, trying to spend my energy (a) living in the moment and (b) inching closer and closer to the stage. I got as far as I could without being all Jersey about it.

The evidence: