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I miss the Thompson Twins so much I could just cry


Maybe I'm exaggerating, just a ton. But seeing the Ting Tings play at SXSW today, I got drawn way back to the music of my youth. It's poppy, poppy pop of the 'Don't bore us, get to the chorus!' school -- fun for sure, catchy as heck, and all about nothing. But that's OK, right? Maybe not.  Well, judge for yourself. Here's a song clip from today:

So here’s the question -- what makes a good song? A good band?

Is this good music? Is this good songwriting?

That’s what we’re discussing here.

FUV Music Director Rita Houston loves it. I’m not so sure.

Am I being too harsh a judge for a teenager of the 80s? Or is that why I’m not interested in stuffing my ears with cotton candy?

How about you?