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Prayers for Odetta


Odetta at WFUV with me and Mark Carpentieri of MC Records

Odetta, a true folk/blues icon and one of music’s great voices, is in the hospital. She went in for a check up the weekend before last and on Sunday evening went into kidney failure. The next 24 hours were touch and go. She pulled through that emergency, but as of this writing is still in intensive care.

According to her manager, she believes she’s going to sing at Obama’s inauguration, so that may be what’s keeping her alive. She’s been a fighter for great causes all her life, but none more important than this. She’s also been a good friend of FUV (she even recorded her CD “Gonna Let It Shine” at a concert for our members), so let’s send some love and prayers her way. Here’s the address:

Ms. Odetta Gordon

Room 719, 7th Floor ICU

Lenox Hill Hospital

100 East 79th St.

New York, NY 10021