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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Michael Franti's Feet


Michael Franti barefooted beat master

Michael Franti and Spearhead stopped by Studio A on Friday, and regaled us with the fun reggae rock that let us begin our weekends on the right foot, or maybe the left foot.  Our own two feet?

When Franti arrived he walked a little slowly stepping onto the granite in our lobby.  I asked if there was anything he needed, “I’d like to dance.”  He broke out into an elegant soft shoe, his guitar still on his back.  He was barefoot.  It was thirty degrees outside, with twenty-five mile per hour winds, there were small streaks of ice here or there, and Michael Franti had no shoes on.  The rest of Spearhead had shoes on, nice shoes, but not Michael.

In the interview Claudia asked Michael about his shoeless habit.  Contrary to popular belief he did not stop wearing his shoes in protest, he just does not like wearing shoes, and he sees shoes as a luxury for most people.  Eight years ago, he started going barefoot, and its made him more conscious of his environment as his bare feet always make him particularly conscious of where he is standing.  But he has to wear shoes sometimes, right?  No shoes, no service.  Well, he always keeps a pair of flip flops, if store owners complain, airport security stops him, or if the ground is really wet.

It was an incredible interview (they talked about more than feet), and I left work on Friday doing my own little soft shoe as I went back home. I woke up this morning ready to let the other shoe drop.  Today, I was going to go barefoot.  So, I went to the office in boots and wool socks (it was cold today), and took them off when I got to WFUV.  After about fifteen minutes of barefoot splendor, my colleagues told me I could either put my shoes back on or set up my computer in the supply closet.  I don’t know if you’ve seen the WFUV supply closet, but it’s scary in there. 

This is where I have to go, when I'm looking for a sharpie.