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Bonnarrooo Hooo Hoo Weee It's Hot over here.


Each Bonnaroo experience is like a unique snowflake.  Funny to use that analogy since its hot as hell over here, but  I still think it applies.  Every year I have a very different experience.  But as the kids say, “Its all good.” One constant though is that you always hit the ground running.  As soon as we get here, we do a mad dash to see as much music as possible.  We’re greedy music connoisseurs, we FUV folk.  I’ll just share some quick highlights on this Kenny Bloggins...

Wayne Coyne.  Is a hell of a guy.  I’ve always enjoyed the Flaming Lips, but my admiration for him has been elevated seeing him in action on this trip.  I kept seeing him roaming around the Radio Compound.  He seemed to be very willing to talk to anyone.  Unfortunately, I didnt get a chance too though.  I’m shy.  But...I saw him taking a bunch of pictures w/random people and chatting it up w/ fans.  And speaking of being a fan.  I saw him at a bunch of different shows watching from side stage.  For Michael Franti & Spearhead he was standing next to me, watching when a security person said to him, “Hey, you can’t stand here!”  He said, “oh jeez, sorry.  I’ll move out of your way.”  I saw him again at LCD Soundsystem.  Sidestage again helping diffuse a very odd situation.  A naked guy tried to jump onto the stage while LCD Soundsystem was playing.  Security dashed to the scene.  Then naked guy jumps back over the barricade and falls.  I couldn’t really see what was happening then, but I noticed that Wayne immediately sprung into action and helped out.  Not many people would impulsively help out in a situation like that.  I think thats cool that he did.  Also, I saw him taking pictures of other people performing, just like any excited music fan would.

Oh yeah and...He and his band put on a mind boggling performance of Dark Side Of The Moon.  I don’t think i’ve ever seen such a visually stimulating performance.  As usual there was confetti and balloons shot into the crowd, but the projected visuals were stunning.  Mundane imagery - like traffic, clocks, dollar bills...images associated with the album.  Silhouettes of a sexy lady dancer popped up many times too.  And the backdrop of the stage was a flashing rainbow led light display.  Almost impossible to look away.  As if our minds were being controlled...

Also, lemme set the scene of the actual compound here.  Tons of little activity activity areas.  Adult Swim had a spot where you could play their video game, Robot Unicorn Attack.  A very simple game set to the Erasure song, “Always”  It was great.  They had a large scale game of operation that you had to play with a 10 foot pole.  That balloon dart game, a spin the wheel of death game etc.  Lots of fun.

There was also an area w/ a slip and slide. Though it was mostly filled with mud.  They have an inflatable slip and slide too that seems a bit cleaner.  And a bunch of kiddie pools too.

Oh and Rock band on huge stage.  Lots more to tell about but now Im realizing that the Avett Brothers are about to take stage.  Ahhhh!  Can’t miss that.  Gotta Go.

Check in again soon.