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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Jesse Hale Moore: 2017

Jesse Hale Moore at WFUV

Jesse Hale Moore at WFUV (photo by Brian Gallagher)


Born in Rhode Island, Jesse Hale Moore grew up with a piano teacher mother. He started playing and studying music at a young age. Like many classically trained artists, the pull to write his own music eventually led him away from lessons, and for a time, even away from his first instrument.

But time apart from the piano proved to be positive for Jesse, who began playing keyboards in a few bands, and rediscovered his love for it. Now based in Philadelphia, Jesse Hale Moore has finally found the time to focus back on his own writing. The release of his debut album, called Green End, prompted his visit to Studio A to play us a couple of songs and talk about his process.

[recorded: 2/28/17]