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Burger King: Customers Can Have Their Fries And Eat Them Too

NPR icon by Doreen McCallister
Noel Barnhurst

The world's No. 2 hamburger chain rolls out lower fat, lower calorie french fries on Tuesday.

Burger King hopes its "Satisfies" will attract health conscious customers who have cut back on fries.

A small order of the new crinkle-cut fry has 270 calories compared to 340 calories for a small order of its regular fries.

Executives at the company say except for their shape, customers won't be able to tell that Satisfies are lower in calories.

Customers might, however, notice the price tag. An order of the new fries will cost $1.89 while an order of old-school fries cost $1.59.

The new fries will be produced by McCain Foods Ltd., which makes fries for McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Alex Macedo, the head of North American operations at Burger King, told The Associated Press that McCain can't sell the fries to other fast-food clients. He added different suppliers would have a tough time imitating them.

But will Satisfies assuage guilt? That might be a big order for a small fry.

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