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These Cats Are Mules: Kitties Smuggle Goods Into Prisons

NPR icon by Mark Memmott


"Cat Caught Smuggling Contraband Into Brazilian Prison." Gothamist


"Cat Caught Smuggling Cell Phones Into Prison" (in Russia). The Moscow Times

Last week:

"Cannabis Cat On Drugs Run Collared At Moldova Jail." BBC News

So, we've got reports of:

-- "Saws, drills, headset, memory card, cell phone, batteries and a phone charger" being" strapped to a cat in Brazil.

-- "Two cell phones with batteries and chargers" being taped to a cat's back in Russia.

-- And now, "bags of cannabis" concealed inside the "oversize decorative collar" worn by a cat in Moldova.

In each case, the felines were nabbed as they either climbed over or through fences. In Moldova, the cat had been "seen repeatedly entering and exiting a small hole in a prison fence," according to Gawker.

According to the reports, the cats aren't talking.

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