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On Deck: January 16th - Talking Arbitration, Replay, Bowties with Jason Wojciechowski

A's blogger and Union lawyer joins the podcast

To get a better perspective on A-Rod and other aribtration cases in baseball, as well as some thoughts on instant replay and bowtie-pant combos, Kenny Ducey and Eric Mollo chatted with Jason Wojciechowski (@jlwoj) of Beaneball. Take a listen below.

On Deck: January 13th - How Clean is Baseball, Really?

Hard to paint rest of MLB as perfect

Kenny Ducey and Eric Mollo dive into the recent suspension handed to Alex Rodriguez, and discuss its affect on the Joint Drug Agreement, the Yankees, and its justification. Additionally, they talk about Rodriguez's chances of winning his lawsuit against MLB & the MLBPA, and update you on various signings throughout the league.