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Pete Fornatale

Honoring Pete

by John Platt
Dave Vanderheyden

On Tuesday night family, friends, and fans of Pete Fornatale gathered for a memorial at the Hard Rock Cafe. Speakers included FUV's Dennis Elsas, Darren DeVivo, John Platt, and Don McGee, along with members of WhyHunger, and many others who worked with and knew Pete well. Performers included Peter Yarrow, Buskin & Batteau, Suzzy Roche, Julie Gold, Jen Chapin, and others.

Darren DeVivo - Pete Fornatale Tribute - 2012

by Darren DeVivo

My show on April 27th, 2012 was one of the hardest shows I have ever had to do. I was faced with having to pay tribute to my friend, properly honor his legacy, express my sadness and provide the soundtrack for the grieving of the many who loved him. I hope I honored Pete well. Thanks for listening.

Dennis Elsas - Pete Fornatale Tribute - 2012

by Dennis Elsas

Pete Fornatale and I met for the first time in early 1967. I had accidentally stumbled upon WFUV and his show Campus Caravan trying to fix my AM/FM clock radio. I loved what I heard and was intrigued at the way he was putting the songs together. As a young college broadcaster at Queens College, I reached out to make the connection. We soon became close friends and wound up working together for many years at WNEW-FM and later at WFUV.

Mixed Bag for May 5th: Preview of a tribute

by Don McGee
Lynda Shenkman Curtis

This Saturday on Mixed Bag, we'll share some great Pete Fornatale moments with you. Dennis Elsas and John Platt will share some great memories, we'll bring you excerpts of some of Pete's best interviews, and add some live recordings from his Mixed Bag anniversary concerts.

Pete & Vin: A Moment in Time

by John Platt
Thom Wolke

The outpouring of messages from Pete Fornatale's fans in the past five days has been unbelievable. Thank you all for sharing your memories and prayers. They've been touching, and they've helped me process my own grief - stronger than I ever expected - at losing a friend and colleague.

Art of the DJ on Display for Pete

by John Platt

I'm listening to Vin Scelsa's heartfelt tribute to Pete Fornatale on Idiots Delight. Vin's doing it with his eloquent words and music, just the way we knew he would. Don McGee hit all the right notes earlier on Mixed Bag, as did Dennis Elsas and Darren DeVivo on Thursday and Friday. They all did it their in their own way, as I will try to do on the Sunday Breakfast.

All for Pete's Sake...

by John Platt

The last few days have been an overwhelming experience for all of us at WFUV. Losing a colleague is always wrenching. Losing a legend at an early age is tragic. Losing a friend is just heartbreaking. So we all try to cope with Pete Fornatale's death.

Remembering Pete Fornatale

by WFUV Staff

As we honor and remember our friend and colleague Pete Fornatale, we are reminded of what a great story-teller and interviewer he was. The passion he had for the subject at hand and the people that make the music was palpable and we are all the more well-informed for it. We will be posting some past interview moments here from his years at WNEW and WFUV.

Pete Fornatale: 1945-2012

by WFUV Staff

We are sad to report that our friend and colleague Pete Fornatale has passed away after suffering a stroke. The host of Mixed Bag on Saturday afternoons on WFUV had a long and illustrious career in New York radio, and a history  at FUV that dated back to 1964. A private funeral mass is planned.

Mixed Bag fans know there was no one who could ride out a musical theme like Pete, whose extensive music knowledge was built over decades as a DJ, interview host and author.