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Public Radio Music Month

Art of the DJ: Rhonda Hamilton

It's Public Radio Music Month AND Jazz Appreciation Month, so it's a perfect time to talk to Rhonda Hamilton who has certainly put her stamp on "The Art of the DJ", having been an on-air host at WBGO in Newark, NJ since 1979. How has her role as a DJ changed over the years? What preparation goes into her show? Hear Rhonda's conversation with FUV's Rita Houston below.

Art of the DJ: David Dye

David Dye is a familiar voice to FUV listeners as the host of World Cafe, and he's been making great radio in Philadelphia at WXPN for many years. Where did he get his start? How does he define the "art" of the DJ? What new Ohio-meets-New Orleans groove has him hooked? Find out in David's conversation with FUV's Rita Houston below.