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Question of the Day

Join us weekday mornings with your response to the WFUV Question of the Day. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW for today's.

Gone Acoustic?

On this date in 1965, Bob Dylan plugged in and went electric in concert for the first time at the Newport Folk Festival. Today we're doing the oppo


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Songs about pictures and photographs are worth something, too.


The stars of the American and National Leagues will vie for bragging rights in Major League Baseball's All-Star Game tonight.

Nice to Meet You

Fateful things can happen when we meet someone; and there are plenty of songs about those encounters. Which ones come to mind?

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! You've made it through the week. It's going to be a beautiful day. So let's celebrate with your favorite songs that mention Friday.


Tonight at sundown New Yorkers will be positioning themselves for a view of the sunset known as