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The Big Broadcast

Little Spanish Dancer

by Rich Conaty

So, the image hasn't anything to do with the subject of this post, but it's never a bad time to promote the latest "Big Broadcast" collection. I was hoping to find the sheet music to "Little Spanish Dancer," or a nice shot of Sam Browne, who'll be singing it here (and tonight). No luck. At least nothing sufficiently pixel dense to post.

The $99,000 Answer

by Rich Conaty

As someone who "brives a dus" during the week, I identify with Ralph Kramden, both as a fellow holder of a CDL and an amateur musicologist. After being stumped by "Swanee River," Kramden is led offstage babbling a series of songwriters. When the MC says, "I'll Be Seeing You," Ralph knows to blurt, "Irving Kahal and Sammy Fain!" Mr. Kahal, who was born March 5, 1903, will be saluted on tonight's "Big Broadcast." Here's another one he wrote with Sammy Fain (and Addy Britt).

No Moonlight, No Serenade

by Rich Conaty

The timeline for "The Big Broadcast" is mid-1920s to mid-30s. It can go back one hundred years or more, depending on requests and birthday tributes, but rarely gets beyond the late 1930s. That can create problems when somebody like Benny Goodman is being saluted, or, as tonight, Jimmy Dorsey and Glenn Miller. Most of the big names of the Swing Era got their start as sidemen in the 1920s, but public recognition didn't come for another decade or more.