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The Bottomless Pit

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For November 15

by Marshall Crenshaw

On "The Bottomless Pit" over the years, I've had a recurring feature segment called "A Salute To the Fender Stratocaster." I've also done a salute to the Fender Jazzmaster and two weeks worth of saluting the Hammond B-3 organ. I did a Gretsch guitar night, an all-Mosrite show, and possibly my favorite, a salute to the Vox Continental organ.

In this vein, tonight at 10 will be an "All-Danelectro Edition" of "The Bottomless Pit." Like White Castle hamburgers, Danelectro instruments are cheaply made, cheaply bought, but uniquely effective—and uniquely American.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For November 8

by Marshall Crenshaw
Jack Bruce (press photo by Tina Korhonen)

Tonight on "The Bottomless Pit," at 10, two weeks after the fact, we'll acknowledge the passing and celebrate the legacy of the great Jack Bruce (1943-2014). Jack is someone with a unique artistic voice, who made a huge impact on popular music. On the afternoon of October 25, when I read that he'd died, it was an unpleasant surprise; he was a musical hero of my youth, and beyond. So this evening, This evening, spanning from Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated (1962) to Spectrum Road (2012), we'll sample as much from Jack's recorded legacy as we can fit in an hour. In other words, we'll just be scratching the surface, but it will all be stellar.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For November 1

by Marshall Crenshaw
Ill-fated producer Joe Meek in better days (publicity photo)

Please join me for tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10, which is basically about two people, both favorite recording artists of mine: Bill Frisell and Joe Meek. I'll have three more tracks (the maximum allowed by digital copywright law) from Bill's great new album, Guitar In the Space Age. Then we'll hear a bunch of stuff that was filtered through the brilliant and deranged mind of legendary record producer and murderer Joe Meek. The building in London where Meek "lived, worked, and died," at 304 Holloway Road, is a national historic site!

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For October 25

by Marshall Crenshaw
Bill Frisell (courtesy of the artist,

Q: What do guitar hero Bill Frisell, Jimmy Miller and The Barbecues, Lil' Ray and The Premiers, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Frank Ifield, and Sam Amidon all have in common?
A: They're all on the playlist of tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10! In the view of "The Bottomless Pit," Bill Frisell could "play the phone book" and make it into an ecstatic experience. His new album, Guitar In the Space Age, is pretty nice, and I'll tell you all about that and much more.

The Bottomless Pit With Marshall Crenshaw For October 18

by Marshall Crenshaw
Paul Revere and The Raiders, circa 1967

On tonight's "The Bottomless Pit" at 10, I'll pay tribute to two heroes of rock who, as of October 4 and 5, are no longer among the living and breathing: Paul Revere, of Paul Revere and The Raiders, and record producer, excellent human being and friend of mine, Lou Whitney. The 1965-68 incarnation of Paul Revere and The Raiders was one of the greatest rock and roll bands to ever walk the Earth. The band's history is a long and deep one and on this tonight's show, I'll salute that history and the departed person whose name is on it.

Lou Whitney was fun to be around, very sharp and interesting. He knew what it was all about and was one of a kind. He produced dozens of great records, some of the best I've ever heard.