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Costas and Papa at the 2012 WFUV Gala

Legends in Sports Broadcasting at the WFUV Gala

May 10, 2012 marked the fifth annual WFUV Gala. The event took place in New York City at Gotham Hall.

Al Michaels, this year's winner of the Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award in Sports Broadcasting, was unable to attend and asked Bob Costas to accept the award on his behalf.

Bob was kind enough to sit down with me and discuss Al, WFUV, and what becoming a broadcaster today is all about.

What struck me most about what Bob told me is that "no one can teach you in a classroom how to be a broadcaster. If you aspire to be a broadcaster, you learn by doing it." He also told me that not everyone necessarily has the knack to be a broadcaster. It's all about the desire and focus that one puts into it.

Another Bob was also in the room that night. WFUV Alum Bob Papa, the radio voice of the Giants, has had a lot of success since graduating from Fordham in 1986. A few years ago he was hired by the NFL Network to broadcast their limited NFL schedule. He told me that Al Michaels helped him prepare for handling that job.

"When I started working at NFL Network, Al counseled me, especially when we went to a three man booth. He gave me some of the do's and don'ts. He always had a lot of words of encouragement."

Papa also went on to discuss the growth of WFUV and even compared the station now to the years when he was there. Clearly, things have changed.

Both interviews, in their entirety, are available below.