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Good Eating in Hell’s Kitchen

by Terence McGinley

I planned on writing a Devils-Flyers preview, but final papers/examinations got in the way. The past two weeks I have spent every waking minute of free time with my face in a book. A word to the wise: DO NOT put off research papers to the last night. But perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, I was planning on picking the Flyers in 5 or 6 games. Wait, why did I just admit that?

Rangers vs. Capitals

by Ricky Cibrano
courtesy of the New York Rangers

The Rangers emerged victorious in a hard fought 7 games series with Ottawa, and now find themselves moving on to round 2 to face the Washington Capitals.  

Red Flag - NHL Disciplines

by Ricky Cibrano

With an unprecedented 8 suspensions (so far) in the first round of the playoffs, Brendan Shanahan, the NHL head of discipline, has been incredibly busy. The wrath of Shanahan has been frequent and highly varied in severity so far, but is the NHL setting the right precedent by linking the length of suspensions so strongly to an injury occurring on the play?

Click below to listen.

Hockey Insight from the InSpector

by Amit Badlani

Kevin Price and Mike Giandomenico were joined by Jesse Spector of the Sporting News to talk about the NHL Playoffs, focusing on the matchup between Penguins and Flyers, Kings and Canucks, and other playoff series.


Click below to listen.

The InSpector Shows Us his Hockey Clues

by Terence McGinley

Just a few days into the first round of the NHL playoffs we've seen 3 overtime games, fines, season ending injuries, a 13-goal game, and WWE style wrestling moves. And to think  we're on tap for another 6 weeks of this intensity. Two of the Stanley cup favorites are already down  0-2, While another has lost an iimportant piece for the remainder of the playoffs.

Jesse Spector of the Sporting News joined Kyle Kesses and Amit Badlani on One on One to discuss the playoff madness.

Rangers Playoff Preview

by Ricky Cibrano

On Thursday, the top seed in the east, the New York Rangers, open up their 1st round playoff series against the 8th seeded Ottawa Senators. For the Rangers, it was a banner season, as they finished with 109 points and won their division for the first time since 1993-94, which is plenty memorable for Rangers fans. Join me as I take a deeper look at this first round matchup and breakdown whether the Rangers can avoid the upset and move on to the 2nd round.


The Home (Ice) Stretch

by Mike Watts

The race for the first seed in the Eastern Conference was initially a runaway for the New York Rangers. Enter an 11-game winning streak for Pittsburgh and suddenly there was a one point difference between the East’s top two teams with fewer than ten games to go. Though the Rangers pulled away in the season’s final weeks, the value of the first seed has an interesting past.

Film Review: Goon

by Jake Kring-Schreifels
courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

Fighting has become something of a stain on hockey in recent years, polarizing fans and experts alike about its necessity and practicality. Players grab each other’s sweaters and usually fall to the ground before a real punch is even thrown. It’s more a jest than serious machismo.