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A New Lemonade Stand for Megan Ajello


Yankees surprise 17 year old cerebral palsy survivor

The fourth day of Hope Week was centered around a 17 year old girl who has been helping to raise money in her community for years outside her home. Her name is Megan Ajello, and though she suffers from Cerebral Palsy and scoliosis and has had six major surgeries, you wouldn’t know it by hearing all that this girl has done for her community. 

Megan has a lemonade stand outside her home in the Prince’s Bay area of Staten Island every summer to help raise money for local charities and other organizations that help to fight diseases like that one she is battling. Last summer, Megan raised $4,000. Her lemonade stand has become a staple of this neighborhood, as hundreds of people come from all over (as far as upstate New York) just to hear Megan’s story and taste some of her lemonade. On one late July morning, a local baseball team would be added to the ever growing list of people who have come to support Megan’s cause. 

The New York Yankees are a world class organization, and on this day they would prove nothing less. General Manager Brian Cashman along with Yankee Stadium carpenters built a brand new lemonade stand for Megan, complete with the Hope Week and Yankee logos. Cashman then unveilved the brand new stand in front of Megan’s house, before knocking on her door and surprising her. 

Megan was overjoyed at her new lemonade stand, and got down to business selling lemonade. Soon there was such a large crowd of people, it was hard to move. Everyone wanted a chance to see this young girl doing what she loved most with her friends and family. Old faces and new faces would approach Megan and realize how truly graceful the day was. 

With the lemonade stand already in full swing and money flowing in, some Yankee players arrived on the scene to help Megan sell her lemonade. Robinson Cano, Andruw Jones, Boone Logan, David Robertson, and Eduardo Nunez were all in shock at how Megan created a social presence in selling lemonade. Her abilities may have been limited, but her ideas and personality weren’t. Within the first half hour of the event, Megan had already raised twice as much as she had last year. 

For one Megan Ajello, that day was incredibly special. Seeing the Yankee players and selling lemonade became the joys of the day, and Megan’s family couldn’t have been happier with what the Yankees had done. It was an inspiring day for an inspiring young girl.