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Matt Harvey's innings limit made for an interesting Sunday night for the Mets. (Flickr: Arturo Pardavila III)

Quarterback Kevin Anderson accounted for five touchdowns in Fordham's win over Columbia. (Anthony Pucik: WFUV Sports)

A reported incident over the summer leaves a big question mark for the Chicago Blackhawks' Patrick Kane. (Sarah A./flickr)

Arthur Ashe Stadium will have a completed roof when the Open returns to Queens next year. (Corey Miller: WFUV Sports)

The Yankees continue to miss Mark Teixeira's bat in their lineup. (Flickr : Keith Allison)

The Jets open their season with a new coach, and a new outlook. (Wikimedia Commons)

Pineda was unable to limit the damage against the Jays, surrendering a few key home runs. (Wikimedia Commons)