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After reaching the Stanley Cup Finals last season, the Rangers were unable to make it back this year. (Anthony Pucik: WFUV Sports)

Syndergaard has had Mets' fans excited for a while, and now he is delivering in the big leagues. (Wikimedia Commons)

Mark Teixeira has had a rough few seasons due to injuries, but with that behind him he is feeling better than he ever has before. (Wikimedia Commons)

Wright's setback is a big scare for the Mets and their fans (Wikimedia Commons).

Williams' stellar career in pinstripes earned him a plaque in Monument Park (Wikimedia Commons).

LeBron James has led the Cleveland Cavaliers to a 2-0 advantage over Atlanta in the Eastern Conference Finals (Photo Credit: Basket Streaming/Flickr)

The New York Rangers head back to New York with the series tied at 2 (Photo Credit: Anthony Pucik/WFUV Sports)

NYC FC tries to rebound from a tough start to the season, while the Red Bulls try to remain towards the top of the MLS standings. (Photo Credit: Peter Roan/flickr)