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What Did You Expect?

Miami was destined to win in year two

As LeBron James danced on the floor of the American Airlines Arena in Miami this past Thursday, there was a sense of disbelief that the Heat had actually won the 2012 NBA Finals. The hatred of LeBron James allowed for a misperception of the Oklahoma City Thunder as the heroes that would stop the reigning MVP cold in his tracks.

While the Thunder matched up well with the Heat, Miami had one thing OKC didn’t: experience. Whether it was having a championship on your resume, or simply the lingering taste of a Finals defeat, Miami was more than ready to cruise right by Durant and company. While Oklahoma City will undoubtedly be back to the NBA Finals, there was no way LeBron James was going to be stopped from getting his first ring.

After just one season together, Miami nearly beat the Mavericks last summer to win it all in their first year. If they did that, we’d be expecting the Heat to win #2. More so, there would never be a question of this team’s ability to win big games. Instead, we remembered what happened just a year ago and assumed because it happened once, it would happen again. Because LeBron was flustered by Dallas and he didn’t have it in him to take over a game in the Finals, he’d do it again. Because Dirk burned the Heat, Durant would too.

When the Heat’s super-team was assembled, we should have expected nothing less than a win in year 2. For three players of Bosh, James, and Wade’s talent not to figure it out after a year would have been curious. It’s because of this that I’m so dumbfounded - I don’t get why people are hanging their heads over LeBron getting his first ring. Maybe it’s because they live in Cleveland, or maybe it’s because they sat on the edge of their couch waiting to hear James’ decision on TV. If he went to your favorite team, you wouldn’t be so upset he decided to have his decision aired on national television. You’re jealous that another fan-base gets to appreciate this once-in-a-generation player.

The fact of the matter is you should have known. So stop whining over the Heat’s win, because there are not 1, not 2, not 3…in their future. Hating LeBron James is a lost cause - he’ll always make you angry because he’s the best at what he does.