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One 67th Time, for Old Time's Sake

by Kenny Ducey

Kenny Ducey/WFUV Sports

Former Yankees Reflect on Wearing Pinstripes

The 67th Old Timer’s Day at Yankee Stadium was another fun, sunny afternoon in the Bronx. Everyone from the unstoppable duo of Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra to brand new old-timer Orlando ‘El Duque’ Hernandez made the trek to 161st and River Avenue.

All of them touted the Yankees as the greatest organization in baseball, and all of them were honored to be back in pinstripes, even if they “get tighter every year,” as Joe Pepitone said.

There were tales told of hanging out with teammates the night before, especially from Lou Pinella, and there were discussions had about the pressure Yankees are always under, which was just “not for some” according to Roy White.

But the most intriguing comments of the day may have come from Mariano Rivera who, when asked if he’d want to start his final All-Star game, went on to discuss his dislike for the starting role. He said “I wouldn’t want to go in and give up 15 runs in the first inning.” Yeah, like that’d ever happen. According to Mo, though, “you never know.” And we all remember the what happened the last time he said that.

Listen below to Yankee greats discussing the annual Old Timer’s Day game, and Mariano Rivera’s comments on starting.


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Lou Pinella Mariano and El Duque Mariano and Rickey Henderson Batting Practice