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What We Learned from NBA Draft Media Day

by Kenny Ducey

Kenny Ducey/WFUV Sports

Ben McLemore wants you to know he's not fat

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Thirteen NBA Draft prospects met the press today in Times Square, and were asked everything from where they see themselves being drafted to what color tie they’ll be wearing tomorrow night. During their media sit-downs, some players shared some intriguing feelings and experiences in the draft process.

Cody Zeller thinks he might go in the Top 10. In what should be one of the most unpredictable drafts in recent memory, the one constant in each mock for the past few months seemed to be Zeller going to the Sixers at #11. When asked about the team, he said their interest level was “high” but he didn’t think he’d still be on the board at 11. This means either the Blazers will go with a Center at 10, or he believes there’s a team out there that likes him more than Nerlens Noel or Alex Len. While he was a standout at Indiana, it’d be surprising to say the least if either Len or Noel (both of which are in conversation to go #1) were drafted below Zeller.

Ben McLemore isn’t ‘pudgy’, and his workout with Cleveland wasn’t bad. McLemore has taken a curious fall over the last couple of months from being considered the top prospect in this year’s draft to now barely cracking the top five. McLemore said today that his workout with the Cavaliers “went well,” which means either the Cavs want a big man, or McLemore doesn’t share the same opinion as the team. Still, he could go anywhere from 1-5 in the Draft. If you trust him about his workout, you can trust me that he didn’t look ‘pudgy’ (he took off his blazer so all could see this). He was a stud at Kansas, why can’t he go #1?

Alex Len thinks he should be drafted ahead of Nerlens Noel for a bad reason. Because he’s “played well against him.” Does this mean Boris Diaw is more valuable than LeBron because he played well against him in the Finals? No. This comment from Len makes little sense. While there’s obviously a conversation to be had, unlike in my analogy, it’s still pretty strange reasoning to give. Throw in the fact they’re not playing 10 games a year against each other and it’s even stranger. Also, he’s hurt just like Nerlens Noel, so he can’t even say he has a leg up on him in the health department.

Alex Len also thinks he can grow more. Now this is a little more like it, Len said his growth window “is still open” and he can grow another inch or two. This might put him ahead of Noel, whenever he does grow.

Nerlens Noel should return around October or November. He says he’s doing defensive slides and when asked, he set “October or November” as his projected return date. This is good news for him, not so good for Ben McLemore.

CJ McCollum has a chip on his shoulder. He said he’s like Drake in that he “started from the bottom.” He says he works hard every day. He made a small Patriot League school relevant. He says he can have an immediate impact in the pros. He has the confidence and the swagger. Sign me up for this kid.

With the draft looming, there are still countless chapters yet to be written about these prospects. From what we know now though, we can be more certain than ever this will be a crapshoot of an NBA Draft. It’ll be must-watch television, that’s for sure.

Kenny Ducey covers the NBA, MLB, and PGA for WFUV Sports and is the creator of On Deck. Follow him on Twitter @KennyDucey.


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