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The New York Giants face off against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football to kick off their 2015-16 campaign

Football is back, and Darrelle Revis and the Jets are looking to turn the page. (Wikimedia Commons)

The Mets have reason to celebrate as they continue to play great baseball. (Flickr: slgckgc)

The Yankees honored the Southern Boulevard School on Aug. 19 as part of their seventh annual HOPE Week. (Drew Casey: WFUV Sports)

The Yankees honored the Prospector Theater as part of their seventh annual HOPE Week on Aug. 18. (Drew Casey: WFUV Sports)

Brett Gardner (Left) and Stephen Drew (Right) were just some of the Yankees who pitched in to make today a unforgettable day for Chris Singleton (Center), a remarkable young man. (Photo Credit: Brendan Bowers/WFUV)