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WFUV Sports' 2012 Review

One on One will review the bests and worsts of the year

2012 held many surprises for us in the sports world. From the Giants run to the Super Bowl, to Linsanity, to Lebron finally winning his first ring, to the Los Angeles Kings, to the Summer Olympics, to the San Francisco Giants, and I could go on and on.

Tomorrow on One on One during the 3pm hour, Nolan Silbernagel and Mike Valdetara will discuss the bests and worsts of 2012, and they want to hear from you about what you will find memorable from this year.

Listen to the One on One NFL Draft Show

Listen online for FUV's exclusive first round draft coverage

The FUV crew has infiltrated the various sports hot spots of NYC to give you live first round news as it happens.  Tune in at 7:30 tonight to keep up to date on all your NFL Draft news.  We'll be online until the not-so-bitter end.  So join us at the portal, and get the kind of material not even Kiper can give you.