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Matt Harvey

Highs, Lows and Future of the New York Mets

Mets look to stay competitive in the second half of the season.

With the MLB All-Star break giving New York Mets fans a few days off from watching the Amazins’, WFUV’s Matt Moro and Kris Venezia decided to take a look at the highs, lows and the future of the ball club. The two also interviewed players and television play-by-play broadcaster Gary Cohen on Saturday.

MLB FanFest Opens to Give All Baseball Fans All-Star Experience

MLB Director of Special Events Jacqueline Secaira-Cotto Discusses Second NY FanFest in Five Years

After touring MLB's annual FanFest, this year at the Javits Center in Manhattan, MLB Director of Special Events Jacqueline Secaira-Cotto was kind enough to chat with Jake Kring-Schreifels, Bob Ahrens, and I about some of the great things the event has to offer.

On Deck: September 4th - Yankees' Lead Shrinks, Mets Are Still The Mets, and NL Central Talk

Are the Yankees a shoe-in for the playoffs? Who takes the NL Central?

Kenny and Kris debate whether the return of Alex Rodriguez can help the Yankees right the ship. The guys cover improved play from the team in Queens and breakdown the keys to the Chicago- Detroit race.