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Philadelphia Flyers

Five on Three: November 25th - Quarter Report

A look at the NHL a quarter of the way through the season.

On this edition of Five on Three, Anthony Pucik, Tara Sledjeski and Kelly Kultys take a look at the NHL at the quarter mark of the season. They discuss who the MVP is at the present moment and which team is the most disappointing thus far. 

Reflecting on the Winter Classic

Looking back at HBO’s 24/7 series and its effect on the sport of hockey

It was quite a spectacle. Not just that Citizens Bank Park, the home of the Phillies, became engulfed in orange and black, nor simply that a baseball stadium became undistinguishable, transforming into a hockey venue. No, it was the fact that the Winter Classic, for one day, made hockey the most exciting sport in the world: a clashing of rivals, connections with unpopular players, and an intense understanding and appreciation of the “fourth sport” in America.