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R.A. Dickey

One on One Talks Hot Stove Baseball with ESPN's Buster Olney

by Julian Atienza

R.A. Dickey talks with WFUV's Kris Venezia at Knuckleball screening during Tribeca Film Festival

Mack Rosenberg and DJ Sixsmith talked about the moves the Toronto Blue Jays have made to put themselves in contention for the AL East. They discuss how Mets' fans should view the R.A. Dickey trade and what the Mets can expect from the prospects they recieved.

Tribeca Film Festival Review: Knuckleball!

by Jake Kring-Schreifels
photo by Charles Miller

The knuckleball pitch has been present in Major League Baseball since 1907, and yet it’s been championed by only an historic handful. Now over a century old, the spin-less baseball’s legacy rests in the fate of one current pitcher, New York Mets hurler R.A. Dickey, the last remaining major league player to contain it in his arsenal.