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Tribeca Film Festival Review: On the Mat

Tribeca film shines light on high school wrestling
High school football and basketball have received much more attention in the past decade, as ESPN and other sports media outlets look to discover the next big star. LeBron James drew impressive crowds in Ohio as a high school student, as did Cameron Newton growing up in Georgia. At Lake Stevens High School, however, wrestling is the popular sport, as the school has captured seven of the last 10 state championships in Washington.

Tribeca Film Festival Review: Knuckleball!

A fraternity based on an unpredictable pitch

The knuckleball pitch has been present in Major League Baseball since 1907, and yet it’s been championed by only an historic handful. Now over a century old, the spin-less baseball’s legacy rests in the fate of one current pitcher, New York Mets hurler R.A. Dickey, the last remaining major league player to contain it in his arsenal. 

Film Review: Goon

Tenderly Packing a Punch

Fighting has become something of a stain on hockey in recent years, polarizing fans and experts alike about its necessity and practicality. Players grab each other’s sweaters and usually fall to the ground before a real punch is even thrown. It’s more a jest than serious machismo.