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Fordham Women's Basketball

The Stephanie Gaitley Show 2/16

Coach Gaitley joins us with 3 regular season games left in the season.

Another week, another edition of the Stephanie Gaitley coach's podcast from our WFUV studios. This time, we caught up with coach about Fordham's crushing defeat against Duquesne on Wednesday night by six points in the final seconds of the game. In addition, coach Gaitley talks about Fordham's new recruit for the 2012-2013 season, Samantha Clarke among other things.

The Stephanie Gaitley Show 1/10

It's the 9th edition of the Stephanie Gaitley Show

I fly solo for the show from Philadelphia with coach Stephanie Gaitley. We talked about Fordham's recent struggles in their A-10 opener against George Washington. Coach addresses the state of the team and how she's impressed with where they are right now and that the team has surpassed her expectations from the beginning of the year.