New York Mets

On Deck's 2013 Season Preview

by Kenny Ducey, Kris Venezia

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Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia prepare you for a great 2013 MLB Season, going division-by-division with predictions as well as player and team spotlights. They also predict the MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year winners, and as always, go in-depth on the Yankees and Mets.


One on One with's Matthew Leach

by Mack Rosenberg

Flickr :: Kwong Yee Cheng National Columnist Matthew Leach joined Kenny Ducey and I this Saturday to help preview the baseball season. We talked to Matthew about the Yankees and their expectations headed into this season. In addition, we got his opinion on Johan Santana's season ending injury and his future with the Mets.

On Deck: March 12th - Help Wanted

by Kenny Ducey, Alex Smith

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Alex Smith fills in for Kris Venezia as he and Kenny Ducey discuss the possible options for the Yankees going forward at the corner infield spots, as well as Left Field with the addition of Ben Francisco. Kris joins the show later on to discuss the World Baseball Classic.