New York Mets

On Deck: February 21st - Will He Stay or Will He Go?

by Kenny Ducey, Kris Venezia

Flickr | Keith Allison

Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia talk about the Robinson Cano contract situation and its effect on the Yankees clubhouse.  They dive into all the latest moves and injuries around the league with spring training games set to begin this weekend.  Also, could the World Baseball Classic lead to other forms of international play? 

Also, check out Tim Lincecum's new haircut below. Weird, right?


On Deck: February 18th - Where in the World Will Valverde Go?

by Kenny Ducey, Kris Venezia, Mack Rosenberg

Flickr | Keith Allison

Kenny Ducey and Kris Venezia take you around major league baseball as they do every Monday and Thursday on In addition, they touch on Derek Jeter and what his outlook is as spring training begins for the Yankees. Also, the Mets could be looking at yet another closer to bring in as part of their already wide array of ninth inning men. Is Jose Valverde the answer?

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