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Brie Ryan Gears Up For Olympic Trials

by Nolan Silbernagel

It can be debated that swimming is one of the hardest sports for an individual to make a living off of. Most elite and well-known swimmers are usually amateurs that train with their college teams or are in their mid-to-late twenties that pay their bills with endorsement deals and train with various club teams. There are no professional swim leagues (although the “New York Barracudas” sounds catchy) that swimmers can hope to become apart of in comparison to how young athletes of other sports can shoot for the NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL.

Fordham Freshman Make Mark at Championship Meet

by Nolan Silbernagel

Freshman year is the hardest year that a student-athlete will experience, especially in swimming. Not only is the athlete living on their own for the first time, adjusting to a completely different social and academic schedule, and having to make new relationships all over again, but they also have to deal with a training regimen that is completely different from the one back home.

Mulligan, Fordham Men Win 200 Freestyle Relay

by Nolan Silbernagel

In late February, 2011, Pat Mulligan was not with the majority of his teammates in Buffalo, NY competing in the Atlantic 10 Swimming and Diving Championships. The 6'3" junior did not make the championship squad after falling ill late in the season and performing under-par in the last few meets. Mulligan’s high hopes of making the A 10 Team for the first time in his Fordham career were splashed away.

It is amazing how much difference a year makes.

Fordham Swimmers ‘Go the Distance’

by Nolan Silbernagel

The 800 Freestyle relay: by far the longest and most grueling relay event that there is in swimming. This lengthy event truly tests a swimmer’s ability to swim at a quick pace for a long period of time; something that requires tremendous skill and intense training. This is the relay that is long enough that if a swimmer does not pace themself correctly, then they will burn out and have a poor finish. However, if a swimmer is not aggressive enough during the race, then they will end up behind the competition. It is the ultimate conundrum in swimming.