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Ewing Dominates on…Volleyball Court?

by Nolan Silbernagel

The ball goes soaring into the air, Ewing steps up, arms out stretched, and blocks the opponents shot. Ewing lets out a victory roar as the ball falls on the…opposite side of the net for a Fordham Volleyball point?

Wait, What? I thought we were talking about basketball? Not quite. Randi Ewing, a junior on the Fordham’s Volleyball team, did not exactly follow her father’s basketball footsteps. Instead, she is making her own name on the volleyball court.

Volleyball Profile With Megan Arend

by Nolan Silbernagel

Name: Megan Arend

From: Sacramento, California

Major: Communications and Sociology with a minor in Business

Why did you choose volleyball?:  “In fourth grade I was best friends with two twins and their older sister played volleyball in high school. We tagged along to one of her games and I thought it was the coolest sport ever. And I ended up joining a team the next year.”

Volleyball on the Rise Thanks to Thompson

by John DeMarzo

A block in volleyball is just like a block in basketball. It demoralizes the attacking team and fires up the defense. At 6’2, Carina Thompson, the sophomore from Kailua, Hawaii, is the Fordham volleyball team’s tallest player (freshman Chandler Moore is also 6’2), and with her lengthy frame, one would think she would be a defensive force.

New Faces, New Strategies for Women’s Volleyball in 2011

by Nolan Silbernagel

Hurricane Irene didn’t only effect the Freshman Orientation at Fordham; it also played a large role for the Rams’ Volleyball program.

While students from across the nation were struggling to get to the Bronx, Head Coach Pete Volkert was struggling to get games in for his team.

“The hurricane actually washed out 2 of our first 3 games of the season”, Volkert said. “We were expecting to come out of the opening tournament 3-0, but we were only 1-0. That makes a huge difference in our record and our overall confidence”.