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Cara Tobin

In 2006 we introduced our new fundraising approach, reducing our on-air pledge drives -- and we introduced WFUV's membership director, Cara Tobin. Her professional background before coming to FUV was pretty diverse, from work in advertising, to owning her own restaurant, to a fundraising position with the National Audubon Society. "Somehow, I always knew my marketing training would some day serve a higher cause," Cara says. "Now I have landed my dream job, drumming up support for the best radio station in the NY metropolitan area in decades."

"I feel really lucky to be part of the FUV family," Cara says, "adding another Jersey girl to the staff. (Asbury Park is my hometown, though I live in Brooklyn now.) My musical tastes are as eclectic as the FUV format... from Odetta and Bob Dylan to Parliament and the Scissor Sisters, and of course, tons in between."

Cara's favorite part of the job has been meeting and talking to the wonderful, loyal members, at the statio and out in the world.

Cara Tobin's picture