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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Marty Glickman

Remembering a Legendary Broadcaster

A Lifechanger

Marty Glickman spent 12 years at WFUV teaching the student broadcasters the art of doing play-by-play.  He began with Bob Papa and his final pupil was Spero Dedes. Spero gives his recollection of Marty including what he meant to him and his feelings upon seeing the new HBO Documentary "Glickman". You can also hear Bob and Spero talk with Andrew Bogusch and Rich McLaughlin, also students of Marty, in special One on One interviews this past Saturday.

One on One with "Glickman" Director Jim Freedman

Telling Marty's Story
On August 26 at 9 PM HBO premiered "Glickman" a documentary by James Freedman about the life of broadcaster Marty Glickman. Marty was special to all of us here at WFUV, especially the students he taught in a 12-year period between 1988-2000. 
Spero Dedes. Marty's final Fordham pupil, and current student DJ Sixsmith talk with Producer/Director James Freedman about his association with Marty, which began as a 17-year old high school student, They talk about the reason for making the documentary and what it was like to put the film together.
Spero's recollections of Marty can be heard in "Remembering a Legendary Broadcaster", elsewhere on the website.

Good Like Glickman

A Tribute to Marty

Marty Glickman was a great athlete, a great broadcaster and a great broadcast coach. His prowess on the football field and in track is well documented.  The Olympic snub shall forever remain an embarrassment to the USOC.  “Swish”, “good, like Nedicks”. “It’s high enough, it’s deep enough, it’s good” and “a couple a-three yards” became part of New York broadcasting lexicon.  He created the method and set the standard for broadcasting basketball on the radio and he was the reason people turned down the TV sound to hear Giants’ football on the radio.