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Olympic Hockey Breakdown: Playoff Rounds

Predicting the playoff rounds of the Sochi Olympics

The Olympics are finally here, which means that it’s time for Olympic hockey. In this four article series, Anthony Pucik breaks down each Group in the tournament, as well as predicts who will earn the gold in Sochi. In this fourth and final article, the playoff round will be broken down. Who wins, who loses and who gets the medals.

One on One with "Glickman" Director Jim Freedman

Telling Marty's Story
On August 26 at 9 PM HBO premiered "Glickman" a documentary by James Freedman about the life of broadcaster Marty Glickman. Marty was special to all of us here at WFUV, especially the students he taught in a 12-year period between 1988-2000. 
Spero Dedes. Marty's final Fordham pupil, and current student DJ Sixsmith talk with Producer/Director James Freedman about his association with Marty, which began as a 17-year old high school student, They talk about the reason for making the documentary and what it was like to put the film together.
Spero's recollections of Marty can be heard in "Remembering a Legendary Broadcaster", elsewhere on the website.

USA defeats Russia in Duffy Square Wrestling Exhibition

For the second straight year the Americans outlast the Russians in New York City

By DJ Sixsmith

From the Cold War to the Miracle on Ice, the rivalry between the United States and Russia has spanned across several decades. The two countries added another chapter to their storied rivalry with the Grapple in the Apple wrestling event in Times Square. While the Russians entered the matchup as the world’s most dominant wrestling team, the Americans took care of business on their home soil for the second straight year. After defeating the Eastern Europeans 5-2 last year, the US Olympic freestyle team edged Team Russia 4-3 in Duffy Square last Thursday afternoon.