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Doctor Recovers From Ebola, Leaves NYC Hospital

Health officials praise planning, prep.
An emergency room physician who has recovered from Ebola said Tuesday as he left the hospital that he was living proof that early detection and isolation can stop the spread of the deadly virus, and he called for a better focus at the center of the outbreak in West Africa.

Morning Brief: October 27

Halloweek Begins

Halloween’s on Friday, which means New Yorkers have just a week left to visit the city’s numerous haunted houses. No, I don’t mean the Dakota, but purpose-built haunted houses charging admission to scare your pants off. The most interesting one would be old New York-themed Nightmare New York, but Blood Manor is popular and Blackout caters to the more extreme customers.

Ebola Case in NYC Brings Demand for Quarantines

Lawmakers respond to growing number of cases
The case of the U.S. doctor stricken with Ebola left lawmakers on Capitol Hill, scientists and ordinary New Yorkers wondering why he was out on the town after his return from West Africa - and why stronger steps aren't being taken to quarantine medical workers.

Morning Brief: October 24

Ebola in New York, Officials Urge Calm

Just days after Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio held a press conference saying the state would be prepared to handle an Ebola case, it’s happened—a doctor who recently returned from treating patients in West Africa is now being treated at Bellevue Hospital for the disease.