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NYC Urged to Boost School Breakfast Participation

Only 1/3rd of qualifying students eat breakfast at school
Anti-hunger advocates called on Mayor Bill de Blasio on Thursday to make good on a campaign promise and serve breakfast as part of the regular school day at New York City public schools.

No More Letter Grades For Evaluating NYC Schools

A through F system has been in place since 2006.
New York City's schools chancellor announced a new system for evaluating schools Wednesday that will replace A-through-F letter grades based largely on test scores with a more complex system that includes a variety of measures.

9/11 Fund hands out $100M in Scholarships

Helps families affected by the attack get through college
A scholarship fund set up for families of 9/11 victims said Wednesday it recently surpassed $100 million in awards handed out since the terrorist attacks.
The Families of Freedom Scholarship Fund said it surpassed the milestone while awarding more than $11 million in the 2013-2014 academic year.