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New Signage in NYC Helps Pedestrains Find Their Way

Department of Transportation Commissioner Jannette Sadik-Kahn announced "WalkNYC" program today

A New York City Department of Transportation survey shows ten percent of New Yorkers admitted to getting lost in the city in the past week. Luckily, a hundred new signs with neighborhood maps will appear across Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens this summer to help pedestrians find their way. 

NYC Department of Transportation Says New York Streets Are Among America's Safest

New statistics released by the City's Department of Transportation show the city's traffic fatality rate remains among the lowest in the nation, and among the lowest the city has ever seen.

Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan attributed the low traffic fatality rates to the city's efforts to provide pedestrian plazas, bike lanes, and public safety campaigns throughout the city.

NYC Traffic Accidents At An All-Time Low, But Deaths And Injuries Still Common

Although New York City’s traffic fatality rate is lower than the national average, traffic accidents are still a leading cause of injury and death in the five boroughs.

A new city report shows that more than half the victims of traffic accidents are pedestrians and that accidents primarily occur on major roadways, especially at intersections.