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Amanda Bale

Amanda Bale's picture


Traffic and Continuity Director Amanda Bale is a recent addition to the FUV team whose enthusiasm for music discovery has been years in the making. Hailing from Michigan, a state whose most famous city has long been home to Motown, Amanda has always felt an instinctive passion for music (even though she has never actually visited Detroit), particularly jazz.

Her previous work has included jobs for a cluster of radio stations in Vero Beach, Florida, before travelling to Orlando to work at a jazz station, and finally, another group of stations situated in Danbury, Connecticut. From there, Amanda was introduced to FUV, and happily jumped at the opportunity to join the WFUV staff. Sharing the same passion for eclectic music and music discovery, Amanda believes, was what immediately drew her to the station, just like many of our listeners.

Since arriving at FUV, Amanda’s influence upon the station has been indisputable. As Traffic and Continuity Director, Amanda has a key behind-the-scenes role: she assembles the daily program log and makes sure all copy is up to date. That includes scheduling all corporate support and promotional announcements, newscasts, and other elements to ensure that the programming flows smoothly.

Amanda’s love of jazz has certainly not dwindled, as she cites Trombone Shorty as one of her favorite artists; however she appreciates artists from all genres, including Montgomery Gentry and JJ Grey and Mofro. In her free time, Amanda prefers the outdoors, and names kayaking, playing softball, and “always taking new adventures” among some of her favorite activities.