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Dennis Elsas

You've heard that voice before - the warm, friendly sound that has made Dennis Elsas one of New York's most popular radio personalities. With creative musical programming and insightful artist interviews, he's delighted audiences for many years - including weekdays from 2-6pm as the afternoon host on WFUV since 2000.

Elsas spent over twenty-five years at WNEW-FM. On the air, he developed a close relationship with his listeners, including the creation of the innovative Beach Party program. As music director, he helped to shape the station's sound as one of the country's most influential progressive radio stations. It gave him the opportunity to meet and interview many of his rock heroes, including Mick Jagger, Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. His 1974 interview with Lennon has achieved legendary status among Beatle fans and rock historians, and was one of the first contemporary radio shows to be included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Television and Radio. It was excerpted for use in the Beatles Anthology book, video, and television show.

As a leading voice-over announcer, he's been heard on the Paul McCartney 'Back in the US' and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame broadcasts, VH1's 'Concert of the Century' at the White House, the Brian Wilson Tribute from Radio City Music Hall, and numerous commercials and promos. He has also been profiled on the Metro Channel's 'Gotham TV' program.

Though proud of his past accomplishments, Dennis is clear about what he's focused on today. "The most exciting thing about being on the air at WFUV is the freedom to discover new music and share it with an appreciative audience. Plus there's a great atmosphere here that encourages so many opportunities for memorable interviews and performances in Studio A. The challenge of blending old and new favorites - the quest for the perfect segue - has always been my passion."

Queens native and Westchester resident Elsas is married and enjoys spending much of his spare time with a growing and "terrific family." He jogs to stay fit, roots for all the right home teams, and is a self-confessed media junkie (both print and electronic).


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