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TAS in Session: Jack Peñate


Audio clip

Interview with Jack Peñate on WFUV/The Alternate Side 


Jack Peñate has been enjoying some serious buzz in his home in the UK. Apparently he rose to fame pretty quickly and people get skeptical when that happens. I liked the record immediately when I listened to it, but I was also a little dubious of whether he would be able to recreate it live. I am happy to report that he and his band did just fine when they came by Studio A. In fact, they created a little dance party in our studio. I'd heard reports that Jack was an "eclectic" dancer so I was really hoping to see some funky dance moves, unfortunately it wasn't as weird as I'd hoped. He was a lovely chap though and was very accommodating when asked to do an American accent for me. I did a British accent for them too, but they all laughed at me. No hard feelings though. I just danced it off.

Favorite tracks to sing with an English accent: "Tonight's Today," "Everything Is New," and "Let's All Die."


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