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2016 NBA Draft Player Profiles: Forwards

Who will get to walk across this stage to shake comissioner Silver's hand on Thursday? Lives will be changing for many of these young potential draftees (Flickr).



Ben Bentil

21 years old , 6’8 230 lbs.

University: Providence

Reasons to draft

-       Elite conditioning level

-       Is a very mobile player on both sides of the ball

-       Can make shots when given space

Reasons to pass

-       He is very raw offensively

-       Lacks rebounding ability

-       Struggles shooting with pressure on him

DeJounte Murray

20 years old, 6’5 170 lbs.

University: Washington

Reasons to draft

-       Possesses good scoring instincts

-       Has a lot of room to devolve

-       Is an awesome athlete

Reasons to pass

-       Needs to learn how to take care of the ball

-       Is a below average three point shooter

-       Must learn to finish in traffic

Ben Simmons

20 years old, 6’10 230 lbs.

University: LSU

Reasons to draft

-       Already has an NBA ready body

-       Is an elite Passer

-       Is an elite rebounder

-       Has Superstar instincts

-       Is a dependable ball handler

Reasons to pass

-       Attitude problems

-       Many have questioned his drive

-       Is a below average shooter

-       Is a player whose stats and big-time performances have not led to wins for his team while at LSU

Marquese Chriss 

19 years old, 6’9 225 lbs.

University: Washington

Reasons to draft

-       Is an amazing athlete

-       Is an elite jumper and offensive rebounder

-       Great finisher in transition

-       Can be groomed into a high level defender

Reasons to pass

-       He does not box out for defensive rebounds

-       Is an unpolished offensive and defensive player

-       Possesses below average on court awareness

-       Takes poor shot selections and is a questionable decision maker

Brandon Ingram

19 years old, 6’9 196 lbs.

University: Duke

Reasons to draft

-       Has a 7’3 wing span and moves very well on court for his size

-       Posses great rebounding instincts

-       Dependable shooter, can make any shot, whether it’s a catch and shoot or off the dribble

-       Has a quick and high release on his shot

-       Is great at moving without the ball

-       Is an above average ball handler

-       Can potentially cover any position on defense

Reasons to pass

-       Is a below average finisher at the rim

-       Needs to get stronger to handle the NBA’s physicality

-       Has a very limited post game

-       Must improve on the left handed aspects of his game

Timothe Luwawu

 21 years old, 6’7 205 lbs.

University: none, France Pro B

Reasons to draft

-       Is an above average shooter

-       Can finish in transition

-       Can step in, day 1, and be an NBA level defender

Reasons to pass

-       Can not create his own shots

-       Must improve at finishing around the rim in a half court setting

-       Is a below average decision maker with the ball

Malachi Richardson

19 years old, 6’6 200 lbs.

University: Syracuse

Reasons to draft

-       Is one of the best catch and shooters coming out this year

-       Has a very high celling of development

-       Very good defensive footwork

Reasons to pass

-       Is Inconsistent on both sides of the ball

-       Will be a project for who ever drafts him

-       Has exhibited poor shot selection while in college

Malik Beasley 

19 years old, 6’5 190 lbs.

University: Florida State

Reasons to draft

-       Has shown an above average ability to get to the rim

-       Possesses a high basketball IQ

-       Is a great pure shooter

Reasons to pass

-       He struggles at times to create his own offense

-       Lacks the ability to get his teammates involved

-       Can give up on defensive plays

DeAndre Bembry

22 years old, 6’5 207 lbs.

University: St Joseph’s

Reasons to draft

-       Is a strong physical player

-       Is a good defender

-       Doesn’t make many mistakes

Reasons to pass

-       Is a poor shooter

-       His motivation to improve has been questioned

-       Must improve on his ball handling

Jaylen Brown

20 years old, 6’7 222 lbs.

University: California

Reasons to draft

-       Is an amazing athlete

-       Has an NBA ready body

-       Is an excellent rebounder

-       Moves well without the ball

-       Can get to and finish at the rim

Reasons to pass

-       Is a below average shooter

-       Cant create his own offensive

-       Doesn’t seem to have a high basketball IQ