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4 World Trade Center Opens

4 World Trade Center Opens
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Office Building first of six to open on original WTC site since 9/11

12 years after September Eleventh, The World Trade Center is re-open for business.  4 World Trade stands at a towering 900 feet with sleek glass facades.  It's the first of six office towers to open, truly paying tribute to what the center was before the attacks - The hub of the business world.

World Trade Center Developer Larry Silverstein said 4 World Trade symbolizes much more than a new part in the city's skyline.

"When our city was attack, our collective response and our civic duty went far beyond merely building back what we had lost.  Our duty was to create a memorial to those friends, neighbors, and coworkers lost on 9/11." Said Silverstein

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said the tower speaks to New York City's past and future.

Stinger said, "Inside and out, 4 World Trade is its own memorial to the thousands we lost on 9/11 honoring their memory.  It speaks to our promise to never forget, and our ability to perservere."

The World Trade Center continues to rebuild.  1 World Trade, the tallest building in the U.S., will open next year.