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$9 Billion Proposal to Protect NYC from Future Storms

$9 Billion Proposal to Protect NYC from Future Storms
Plan Aims to Keep Power On in Future Large Storms

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wants huge electrical transformers hauled to upper floors of commercial buildings, the ability to shutter subways, tunnels and airports from flood waters, and health facility backup power sources placed on higher ground as part of a $9 billion plan to protect New York City from the next superstorm.

Cuomo is forcing the issue into the traditional discussion that's usually focused on basic recovery after a disaster. He says Tuesday government must also take preventive measures now to avoid future loss of life and billions more in damage.

Cuomo says the cost of recovery from economic loss and damage in the state is $32.8 billion. But he says an additional $9.08 billion is also needed for the preventive measures.